Stuck in the middle, like a RIVERSTONE, caught between the bottom and the flow. My passion awaits me, showing me the open door, but I'm like a stone thats holding down the gravel shore. Solid as a rock, steady as she goes, it's easier holding down he only life you've known, like a RIVERSTONE.

Like a sailor who's stuck at bay, or a child afraid to cross the street, I too am afraid of the failure I'll meet. I'm stuck at the crossroads, and I'm caught between the black and white. Im in the middle of two sides that both feel right. I've been struggling with my life, I feel my life passing like the water rushing by, a RIVERSTONE

INST: (Neal Zweig)

This is not centrifugal force, or gravity I'm talking about, it's all about fear, low self esteem and dought. But lately I have been stronger, and I've been walking right through my fear, you know the low self esteem and dought they haven't felt so near. But its easy at the turn and it's steady as she goes, cause the hardest way is through but thats the only way to grow, RIVERSTONE

So I'll keep trying to be, stronger than my insecurity, cause when I'm there, I can walk right through my fear, cause I don't hear those voices stopping me. And I though trying to live my life, cutting through time with the dull edge of the knife. I'm going to turn my life around, with this confidence I've found, and join the stream of life that passes round, the RIVERSTONE,RIVERSTONE 



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